Apple is working on its processors for the MacBook to replace chips from Intel

Apple is developing its own processors for Mac computers to replace chips from Intel. About this writes Bloomberg.

Apple is developing three of its own processors for Mac computers based on the A14 chip, which will appear in future iPhone models. Apple will release the first computers on its own chip in 2021.

They will be collected by Taiwanese partners in the collection of processors for the iPhone and iPad – the company Semiconductor Manufacturing. At the same time, the company will have its own processors on the new laptop, since the first chips are unlikely to compete with the performance that Intel provides for the MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro desktop computers.

With the release of new chips, Apple is going to gain more control over the performance of its own devices, as well as an advantage over other computer manufacturers. The first Mac processors will include eight high-performance cores, code-named Firestorm, and a minimum of four energy-efficient Icestorm cores.

Apple representatives declined to comment.

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