Apple is working on a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar that responds to pressure

The first Apple device with Force Touch, which response not just to touch but also to pressure, was the Apple Watch. In 2015, 3D Touch tactile feedback technology was added to the iPhone 6s, after which Force Touch appeared on the MacBook Pro touchpad. Since then, Apple has ditched the option, replacing it with Haptic Touch (also known as long press) in the iPhone XR and beyond. But the new patents indicate that Force Touch hasn’t been forgotten yet.

A new patent, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggests Force Touch functionality in the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro notebooks.

The patent filed back in 2019 does not include fine details but provides clear examples of how force-sensing technology will be implemented in the MacBook’s touchpad.

As a reminder, the Touch Bar debuted in 2016. It has since replaced the top row of function keys on most MacBook Pro models.

But so far, this is just a patent, and whether Apple will implement the technology in future laptop models is still unknown.

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