Apple is left without another top Manager

Apple is leaving a company veteran, Steve Dowling. This is the third top Manager to retire this year. And this turnover of outstanding pros is not accidental. They are tired of going on about the consumers and produce devices in the conveyor mode. But users can still be calm — it will not affect the nearest iPhone.

Apple Vice President of PR Steve Dowling decided to leave the Corporation almost immediately after the presentation of the new iPhone, Apple Watch and other products.

Dowling gave the company 16 years. He was responsible for press relations, iPhone presentations, and internal communications. The veteran Apple will remain as Vice President of public relations until the end of October. After retirement, he is unlikely to get a job immediately another company, as he plans to relax and spend time with his family.

The Corporation stressed that Dowling “leaves behind a huge legacy that will serve the company well in the future.” So says the former contractor of the Facebook Sohrab Gayrat.

“I think Dowling did a pretty good job of his profession. Successfully carried out all sorts of intrigues before the release of a new product from Apple. It should also be emphasized that the best years, the years of Apple’s rise, fell on the period of Dowling’s work, “Gayrat told.

In this case, the departure of a veteran Corporation will not affect strongly on its success, as it is rather the internal Affairs of the company, they will not affect customers. Former Apple employee Daniel Depp is sure of this.

“Dowling was engaged in public relations, not the technical part. Certainly, changes will, perhaps for him leaves part of team, but users this not notice”, — noted Depp.

This is the third resignation of the Apple veteran this year. Earlier, chief designer Jony Ive and Vice President of retail and online trade Angela Ahrendts left their posts. Coincidence? Depp doesn’t think so. According to him, the “old guard” does not like the new policy of the company, which began to go on about the consumer, too often produces products and gives other people’s ideas for their own.

“Old employees stood at the head, they remember Apple times of development. Jobs dictated to his clients what they wanted, not the other way around,”-Daniel Depp.

“Now the veterans of the company probably hit the ceiling. They get bored. They understand that it is time to rest. All the era has changed, ” – said Depp.

Those who didn’t leave, keep at the expense of good salaries and understanding of that after work in Corporation it is possible or to begin the business at once, or to get in any company on the most favorable conditions, the former employee of Apple considers.

Dowling’s successor is already known-marketing Director Phil Schiller. “He is younger and more familiar with the current trends and the new approach of Apple,” concluded Gairat.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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