Apple in talks with Hyundai to build its electric car

Rumors that Apple is working on its own car have been circulating for a long time. Now this information is confirmed by one of the largest automakers.

Representatives of Hyundai Motor admitted that Apple is negotiating with them about the possibility of contract production of electric vehicles. However, the Cupertinos are conducting similar negotiations with other companies.

“We understand that Apple is in talks with various global automakers, including us. Since the discussion is at an early stage, nothing has been decided, ”Hyundai said.

At the same time, Bloomberg, citing its own sources, writes that a small team is working on the electric car, including several former Tesla employees. Work is progressing slowly while the project is in its early stages, so production is still a long way off. Most likely, the car will see the light of day only in 5-7 years.

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