Apple has removed the dating app for the unvaccinated

Apple has removed the dating app for unvaccinated Injected from the App Store due to “inappropriate attitude to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Bloomberg reports, citing a letter that Apple sent to Unjected.

According to the letter, the application “inappropriately relates to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of its concept or theme.”

It is noted that Apple requires all applications related to the coronavirus to provide reliable information, the source of which is government organizations, non-profit organizations in the field of health or educational institutions.

“The developer did… applications for its users, and also made changes to the application that… they violate the norms,” Bloomberg quotes the words of an Apple representative.

According to the agency, Unjected was created by two women from Hawaii as a community “for like-minded people who advocate for medical integrity and freedom of speech.” The app appeared shortly after well-known dating apps, particularly Tinder and Bumble, began to motivate their users to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

It is reported that Google also pointed out to Injected that the application does not pay enough attention to the fight against misinformation contained in the messages of some users. It was about posts in which vaccines were called “biological weapons,” “genetic modifier,” and “microchip.”

Google threatened to remove Injected from Google Play, and the application had to remove the messages. However, one of the founders of Unjected, Shelby Thompson, said that she plans to restore the deleted posts.

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