Apple, Google, and Amazon will find a General solution for the smart home

Apple, Google, Amazon, and the Zigbee Alliance have teamed up to create a single standard for connecting smart home devices. Solutions will be convenient and useful to not only consumers, hardware manufacturers, and application developers but also to the giants’ themselves-cooperation will be more profitable than the competition.
Apple, Google, and Amazon announced the launch of a common project Connected Home over IP. Its goal will be to create a single standard for connecting smart home devices. Together with them, the development will be engaged in the ZigBee Alliance. Among them are IKEA, Legrand, Samsung SmartThings, Schneider Electric, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) and others.
A single standard designed to improve the compatibility of smart home devices will be free. Project participants, using their developments, will create and implement a unified open-source communication Protocol. It will be able to provide reliable and secure communication between devices, applications, and cloud services.
“The solutions created under this project will facilitate the production of devices compatible with smart home technologies and voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant,” the report said.
According to CNBC, over the past year, the number of smart home devices in the world has grown to almost 815 million, and by 2023 — to 1.39 billion devices. Today, consumers can easily buy a smart lock for their homes. However, he will have to figure out whether to buy one that works with Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit.
First, the project participants will be engaged in security devices: smoke alarm and carbon dioxide sensors, smart doors and locks, security systems and sockets. Then solutions will be found for other devices.
Device manufacturers and developers of smart home solutions were invited to participate in the project. The company “Yandex” told, that generally support the idea of an open standard, but will study the idea carefully.

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