Apple cut commissions in the App Store earlier than promised

Last month, Apple promised a rate cut to developers who made less than $1 million in app sales and in-app purchases in the App Store in a year. She promised – did.

Although the innovations were supposed to come into force on January 1, 2021, some developers have already reduced their commission from 30% to 15%. Perhaps this is how Apple decided to please developers with New Year and Christmas holidays.

This week, Apple began sending emails to developers whose earnings do not exceed the designated limit. David Hodge, creator of the Tesla Nikola car app, and Jacob Gorban, creator of the ImageFramer photo editor for Mac, have already announced the reduction in commission.

Developers must apply for a commission recalculation themselves. Apparently, Hodge and Gorban were among the first.

Simultaneously, developers who have earned more than $1 million continue to pay a 30 percent commission, which has caused a flurry of criticism against Apple.

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