Apple began developing its mobile modem: it will replace Qualcomm

Apple has begun developing its own mobile modem to replace Qualcomm’s counterpart.

According to Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technology, Johny Srui, development of the brand’s first cellular modem began this year. He noted that this work is an important project for the company, which will affect future products.

The new development will be carried out by a team of engineers who left Intel in 2019: employees moved to Apple when they bought the company’s smartphone modem business for $ 1 billion.

Now Apple devices use Qualcomm modems: in April 2019, the companies announced a partnership for the next six years. It is unknown whether the contact was terminated or whether it will take Apple that long to develop its own modems. Despite this, Qualcomm shares fell 6.3% amid news of the start of development.

Apple’s own modem will be used in the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and other future cellular devices.

Earlier, in June 202, Apple announced that it was abandoning Intel and switching to its own processors in the Mac: the first devices on the new M1 processor were presented on November 10.

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