Apple announced iOS 14: what’s new

The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system has a lot of beautiful and useful features and features

At the annual developer conference WWDC 2020, Apple revealed the long-awaited iOS 14. The new version of the system has received a large number of innovations. Perhaps the most important are widgets and a completely redesigned home screen.

App Library

App library 2

IOS 14 has a new App Library — an app library that automatically sorts apps into groups or lists. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to hide applications from the desktop.

Widgets on the desktop

Witgets IOS

Finally, the system has widgets on the desktop. Previously, they were only available in the “Today” section. Now Apple has allowed users to add and customize widgets next to apps on the home screen.

Siri proprietary voice


Siri proprietary voice assistant has also undergone a significant redesign. It has become much smarter and has a new interface: for example, now when a voice request “Open Safari,” the action is performed immediately, without opening full-screen mode. Thanks to the new compact mode, you can receive tips from Siri in the form of regular notifications. Besides, the assistant can now send voice messages and instantly translate words into other languages. The new Translate app should be a strong competitor to its Google counterpart.


In iOS, the built-in Translator application from Apple will also appear, which already supports 11 languages, including Russian, and should become a strong rival to its counterpart from Google.

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