Apple and Google will open for developers a tracking system for patients with coronavirus

Apple and Google will open for third-party developers their system for tracking patients with coronavirus. This was reported by TechCrunch with reference to a video conference held by European Commissioner Thierry Breton and Apple CEO Tim Cook

Before starting the transfer to third-party developers of technology for monitoring patients with coronavirus infection, representatives of the European Union must make sure that this system is transparent and that it complies with all the laws of the region.

If the verification is successful, third-party developers will receive the first API, thanks to which it is possible to create services for tracking patients with COVID-19 people. However, initially, not all developers will receive such tools, but only healthcare organizations.

The technology will allow you to use Bluetooth to transfer data about a person – with such an application, information about the exact location of a person will not be recorded, however, it will be possible to determine which smartphones the owner of this phone is next to and send a notification of possible danger to them.

Using this system, doctors will also be able to notify people that they have recently come in contact with a person who has a diagnosis of COVID-19.

One of the main measures to curb the spread of coronavirus is tracking, it allows authorities to control the location of infected people and stop their contacts with other people. Contact tracing has already proven effective in many countries around the world, but activists believe this violates privacy.

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