Apple and Google launched a tool to track contacts infected with COVID-19

Apple and Google have launched a tool to track contacts infected with COVID-19. A tool called “Exposure Notifications” will be available only to government agents, the companies said in a joint statement.

ExposureNotification is a decentralized solution released by Apple and Google. To work on the product, they combined for the first time since its inception.

The technology will allow you to track the contacts of patients with COVID-19 using Bluetooth. It is a special system update, not a separate application, and will work as follows.

Users who have installed the update on their smartphones with iOS and Android will be able to exchange special beacons, which include identifiers, with each other via short-range Bluetooth.

“All users will be able to disable Exposure Notifications; The system does not collect device geodata if the user is infected with COVID-19, he may not report it. Considering the wide distribution of applications as the key to success, we are sure that the maximum protection of personal data is the best way to promote it among users”.

joint message google and apple

So far, only authorities in 22 US states have gained access to the API. It is planned that in the near future the governments of other countries will join them.