Apple AirPods Max “sweat” and turn on noise cancellation only half

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the full-size AirPods Max headphones, which are not cheap at all – $549. Despite the high price tag, the novelty was not spared from the problem.

One Reddit user claims that condensation appears inside the earbuds when worn for a long time. He used his headphones all day, taking only a few short breaks. When he took off the fabric Ear Pods, he found drops of moisture inside, which as a result could damage the electronics.

At the same time, the headphones were worn only indoors, in conditions of normal humidity. Apparently, this is due to the aluminum housing, which is colder than the human ear, and the tight fit to the head, which blocks natural ventilation. In theory, if you wear headphones from time to time, taking them off your head, you may not even notice this problem.

In addition, for some users, when switching noise-canceling modes, one side activates the new settings, and the other leaves the old ones. For example, one earbud has active noise cancellation, and the other has a transparent mode. Most likely, this problem can be solved by releasing a fresh update.

But now there is a way out. Restart the headphones by holding the noise-canceling button and Digital Crown until the status LED at the bottom of the right earbud blinks amber. If this does not help, try resetting the settings by following the same steps as above, but holding the knob for a longer 15-second period. The indicator should turn yellow and then white.

If all these steps do not work, it is better to contact Apple Support.

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