Apple AirPods Max headphones do not have an on/off button: how they work then

A couple of weeks ago, Apple introduced the full-size AirPods Max headphones. But they don’t have a power button to turn it on and off, so Apple had to explain how it works.

The support page describes key battery performance parameters. As a result, it turns out that while you are not using the headphones, they go into “sleep mode” on their own.

So, if no sound is output to the headphones, they go into a low power consumption mode, in which most of the electronic components are turned off. This happens as soon as you put the headphones in the Smart Case, or after 5 minutes of rest without it.

The next stage is the ultra-low power mode, which turns off several power-consuming actions. It activates after 18 hours in the case or 72 hours of inactivity. In this case, Bluetooth and Find My are disabled.

As soon as the user takes the AirPods Max out of the case or just picks up the gadget, the sleep mode stops, and the headphones are ready to instantly play music.

This way, Apple AirPods Max owners don’t have to worry about turning on and off their headphones if they forget to turn them off.

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