Anya Taylor-Joy discussed her non-standard appearance

The Queen’s Gambit star admitted that she never considered herself beautiful. The actress spoke frankly about her attitude to her non-standard appearance in a big interview with The Sun. “I don’t think I’m attractive enough to act in films,” Anya said during the conversation. – It sounds pretentious, and my boyfriend warned me that if I say this in an interview, people will consider me a complete idiot. But I don’t think it is strange at all. ”

The actress added that she does not watch films with her participation on the big screen. In early 2020, the premiere of the film “Emma” based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen took place. Anya, who played the main role in the film, admitted that she even had panic attacks. “I thought: ‘I am the first ugly Emma in the world cinema, I cannot play here because the very first line in the film sounds like’ I am beautiful, smart and rich. ‘

Also, in an interview, the girl talked about the bullying that she had to endure during her school years. However, her unusual appearance was in demand in the modelling business – at the age of 16, Anya had already signed her first contract with the agency. Much more than the catwalk or fashion photoshoots, she was attracted by the world of cinema.

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