Antimatter control laser created

Canadian physicists from the University of British Columbia have created a laser to manipulate antimatter.

Researchers from the ALPHA collaboration at CERN have created a laser that allows not only to contain antimatter but also to control it.

The authors say that the technology of laser manipulation by supercooling ordinary atoms appeared 40 years ago. It became a kind of revolution in modern atomic physics. This was the first time that scientists have applied such methods to antimatter.

It was like a crazy dream to manipulate antimatter with a laser. I am delighted that our dream has finally come true as a result of the tremendous collaboration of both Canadian and foreign scientists.

Makot Fujiwar, fellow at the TRIUMF Center and one of the study authors
Physicists hope that the new laser will enable a series of quantum experiments to study the properties of antimatter.

In particular, now scientists from the Canadian ALPHA team are implementing a national HAICU project to develop new quantum methods for studying antimatter.

Author: John Kessler
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