Antibiotic-resistant bacteria grown on ISS

A bacterium with antibiotic resistance was grown on the ISS. She did not threaten the astronauts, since the bioreactor was completely isolated from the environment. About this writes TASS with reference to the message of the company “Invitro”, which conducted the experiment.

The E. coli bacterium was created on the Organ.Avt 3D bioprinter at the end of September 2019. After that, the cells with bacteria were brought to Earth for analysis. In particular, scientists tested it for how E. coli became aggressive and resistant to antibiotics in space.

First, scientists noticed that bacteria began to collect in films, which does not happen on Earth – and then found out that they become resistant to antibiotics.

“The morphological analysis is complete. Bacteria become antibiotic resistant”.


Researchers note that such experiments will create new antibiotics that will fight the resistance of bacteria to them on Earth.

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