Another version of Kim Jong UN’s health has emerged

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is most likely to have serious health problems. As CNN reports, this was stated by Tae Yong Ho — a former North Korean Ambassador in London who fled to South Korea in 2016.

Another version about the state of the head of the country appeared against the background of his disappearance from the public field. According to Tae Yong Ho, the absence of Kim Jong-Un at events on the occasion of Kim Il-Sung’s birthday looks abnormal for the country’s population. “I’m not quite sure if he had some kind of surgery or something. One thing is clear — he can’t stand up on his own or walk normally,” the ex-diplomat shared.

At the same time, he stressed that the North Korean leader is surrounded by secrecy, and reliable information about his health is available to his wife, sister, or close aides. Tae Yong Ho recalled that the death of Kim Jong-Un’s father, Kim Jong-Il, was kept secret for two days.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that he was aware of Kim Jong-Un’s condition, but refused to disclose any details of the information. He expressed hope that the North Korean leader is “doing well.”

Kim Jong-Un has not appeared in public since April 11. In this regard, there was speculation about health. On April 15, the politician missed Kim Il-Sung’s birthday celebration. The absence of the country’s leadership on the main national holiday has given rise to rumors about a possible illness of Kim Jong-UN, which are currently not commented on by North Korean officials and media.

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