Another mysterious monolith has appeared in the US

Another mysterious monolith appeared in the United States; this time, it was discovered on a mountain in California, according to the local newspaper Atascadero News.

Last week, employees of the Department of public safety of the state of Utah discovered in the desert a structure made of shiny metal two times the height of a man. A few days later, the monolith disappeared. According to the local Bureau of land management, “an illegally installed structure called a ‘monolith’ has been removed… unknown party.” At the end of November, it became known that another mysterious monolith appeared in the East of Romania near the city of Piatra Neamt, a few meters from the ruins of the Dacian fortress of Petrodava. Later, Romanian media reported that the monolith suddenly disappeared.

According to Atascadero News, a similar monolith was found on the top of a pine mountain in Atascadero on Wednesday. This three-sided obelisk can be made of stainless steel; its height is three meters, width-almost 46 centimeters. The publication writes that the California monolith is welded at each of the corners using rivets that attach the side panels, probably to the steel frame inside.

According to the publication, the weight of the obelisk is about 90 kilograms. It is unknown how the object ended up on top of the mountain, but a local tourist reported no monolith on Tuesday.

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