Another mysterious “monolith” discovered in Spain

Another mysterious monolith, similar to those that have already been found in other countries, was discovered in Spain. Still, it has already fallen, and the mayor’s office considers it a joke.

Previously, several glittering monoliths were discovered in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

This time, the monolith appeared near the ruins of a Church in the small town of Ayllon (province of Segovia, Autonomous community of Castile and Leon), the publication Norte de Castilla reports.

After that, a message was sent to the Spanish media on behalf of the mayor’s office. It is not recommended to visit the monolith since “hundreds of people” come, and it can be “dangerous” to appear near the structure. However, the mayor of Ayllon, Maria Jesus Sanz, denied this information and said that both the monolith’s installation and the message of the mayor’s office was someone’s joke, and she personally saw only five people at the site. According to her, this is a very primitive structure, consisting of three metal sheets, shallowly dug into the ground, and has already fallen several times.

Earlier, the American art group The Most Famous Artist said that she had installed the mysterious monolith in the desert in the US state of Utah.

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