Anniversary of the death of George Floyd

Memorial rallies were held in New York and Minneapolis with the participation of Floyd’s family members

George Floyd’s name was shouted on the streets of New York and Minneapolis last Sunday. Commemorative events for the anniversary of his death were held under the auspices of the human rights organization Al Sharpton and with the participation of members of the family of George Floyd. In New York, Terence Floyd addressed the rally. He expressed hope that the death of his brother will not be forgotten and will give rise to changes for the better in the country.

“Of course, we are already seeing changes. But this process continues, we still need police reform. Including better police training. They need to change their laws and regulations because even after what happened to my brother, there were other victims of violence, and the police got away with it,” said Terence Floyd.

George Floyd died in Minneapolis a year ago on May 25 while in police custody. Police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck and held him in this position for more than 8 minutes. The shocking footage of Floyd’s arrest and death sparked the most powerful wave of protests in the United States in recent years at the height of the epidemic. The police officer was found guilty in a trial in April. Floyd’s sister Bridget, speaking in Minneapolis, recalled how dramatically the life of her entire family had changed over the past year.

“It is a year on Tuesday. It’s been a long year. It’s been a painful year. It was very frustrating for me and my family that our lives changed in the blink of an eye – I still don’t know why,” she recalls.

George Floyd’s brother, Terence admits that when he learned about the verdict of the trial of police officer Derek Chauvin, he could not contain his emotions.

“I was relieved when I heard about the verdict. It made such an impression on me that I just fell on my knees and thanked the Almighty, ” he said.

Speakers at rallies in New York and Minneapolis spoke about how America has changed and how society has changed in the year since the death of George Floyd. A member of the organization “We are Floyd,” Gasim Miles believes that people have become more serious about issues that were not considered so important before.

“People have become more sensitive to certain things. Topics that were not discussed before are now discussed openly. We are for fair treatment of everyone regardless of skin color,” he said.

Entrepreneur and activist Debbie Louis says that the changes in the work of the police have become noticeable.

“We see changes in the work of the police everywhere, especially if we talk about the states where concrete steps have been taken in this direction. In New York City, the city council cut the police budget by 1 billion and directed these funds to the development of poor neighborhoods,” says Debbie Louis.

The rally of remembrance, according to the organizers, was also an occasion to unite the public under the same banners of the struggle for equality, under which last summer there were protests across the country.

Artist and activist Denis Osuanza, a portrait of George Floyd managed to draw in a few hours during a memorial rally in Brooklyn. He dedicated his work to the innocent victims of police officers in recent years in the United States.

“Just look, people came here today to support us. We want change. And change should begin today. Now, not tomorrow or ever again. We want change,” the artist said. In New York, songs were played in memory of George Floyd, and a rally in Minneapolis turned into a mass march through the streets of the city. Commemorative events will be held throughout the United States this week.

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