Anna Wintour splits from Shelby Brian after 16 years of marriage

According to the portal Page Six, 70-year-old Anna Wintour broke up with her 74-year-old husband Shelby Brian after 16 years of marriage. According to the publication, the discord in the couple’s relationship happened when it turned out that Brian owed the state more than a million dollars in taxes. In public, the spouses have not been seen together either. But now, according to the publication, they have parted completely.

What caused the breakup is unknown, but there were rumors that the entrepreneur returned to his ex-wife Katherine Brian, whose husband died in 2015. Sources, however, claim that the former spouses did not get back together – they have common children and are on good terms, but nothing more.

In February, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue was seen at a dinner with British actor Bill Nighy. At the same time, Wintour, according to insiders, was glowing with happiness.

Anna Wintour and Shelby Brian’s romance began in 1999. Moreover, both of them were then married, but as a result, they broke up with their spouses. The wedding, which took place in private, they played in 2004.

For Anna Wintour, this marriage was the second – she has two children from her first husband David Shaffer: 35-year-old Charlie and 33-year-old Catherine.

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