Ankara responded to Trump’s threats

Ankara will continue to fight the US-backed Kurdish people’s self-defense Units (YPG) in Northern Syria, despite the threat of Donald Trump’s administration to “economically destroy” Turkey in the event of a continued attack on the Kurdish armed groups. On Monday, January 14, the representative of the President of Turkey Ibrahim Kalin wrote on Twitter.
According to him, the Turkish authorities do not see the difference between the Kurdish self-defense units of the YPG group and the terrorist organization “Islamic state”. “We will continue to fight against them all,” he said.
Trump: Kurds should refrain from provocations
The US President on Sunday warned that Washington “will economically ruin Turkey if it continues to attack the Kurds.” At the same time, he called on Kurdish groups to refrain from provocations against Ankara.

Trump’s assistant for national security John Bolton on January 11 said that in mid-January will continue negotiations between the us military leadership and Turkey on living in the North of Syria Kurds. Bolton noted that the guarantee of non-attack on the Kurds by Turkey is a condition for the withdrawal of us troops from Syria.

Author: Flyn Braun
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