Angelina Jolie recorded a video for women who are afraid of domestic violence

Angelina Jolie, 45, gave a speech where she gave some advice to women who fear they will face abuse in the family. The actress recorded a video for a campaign initiated by the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

On holidays, people stay at home and drink, which can lead to conflict and potentially dangerous situations for those who suffer from domestic violence. Jolie noted that women should “talk to someone, try to find allies who can help in emergencies” to protect themselves and their children.

For example, you can check with a friend or family member for a code word that will give them a sign if you are in trouble. It’s sad to talk about it, but you must be prepared for the fact that not all friends or relatives will always believe you and want to support you. Often strangers come to the rescue: those who themselves have experienced violence, as well as religious communities, said Angelina.

Jolie still urged not to despair but drew attention to the fact that first of all, women need to be careful, depending on the situation in which they are.

Only you really know what danger you are in, and until you find support from the outside, you may feel completely alone, – said the actress.

In her speech, Angelina also addressed those who might witness such dramatic situations. She said that people who are trusted with information about abuse should “take it seriously and stand on the victim’s side, listen to them, and not judge them.”

Try to understand the tremendous emotional, financial and legal pressures they are likely to face given the fact that they are being forced to remain silent about what has happened to them. And keep in mind that they may well be suffering from trauma and PTSD, Jolie advised.

If you feel like someone you know might be vulnerable in this regard, try not to leave them. Make it clear that you will be there for them. Another thing we can all do is educate ourselves. Learn about domestic violence. Learn how trauma affects our health and can lead to biological changes, especially in children. Take these questions seriously – concluded Jolie.

Recall that the actress has long been paying special attention to the topic of domestic violence. Last month Angelina also spoke at the II International UN Conference “Action for Women and Peace”. There she noted that “domestic violence has increased dramatically during the pandemic.” Earlier, the celebrity also wrote an essay on the situation of disadvantaged children during the coronavirus pandemic.

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