Angelina Jolie prepares to present evidence of Brad Pitt domestic violence in court

For more than four years, ex-spouses Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not been able to settle the custody of six joint children in court. Pitt, 57, insists on equal physical and legal custody, while Jolie, 45, flatly refuses to accept these demands from her ex-husband.

Soon, this business may take a new, unexpected turn. Documents available to The Blast indicate that Jolie is preparing to present domestic violence evidence by Brad Pitt, allegedly taking place in their family during the years of their marriage. What kind of incidents are being discussed has not yet been specified.

Earlier, Brad Pitt was already under investigation by the FBI after a family quarrel that occurred in 2016 onboard the plane. The actor allegedly quarrelled with his eldest son Maddox and even raised his hand against him (since that moment, Brad and Maddox, according to insiders, do not maintain a relationship). According to rumours, this event put an end to the relationship of the Hollywood couple: soon after the incident, Jolie filed for divorce.

Then, after an investigation, Pitt was eventually acquitted. Perhaps now, Jolie again decided to recall this episode and collected the necessary evidence for the court.

Angelina has made similar claims in the past. Then the case was investigated by the authorities. Still, there were no sufficient arguments to bring charges, ” the insider commented in an interview with Mail Online on new messages about evidence of domestic violence on the part of Pitt.

In the new documents, which were at the disposal of the Western tabloid, it is said that the court is seeking permission from the former spouses to allow their children Shiloh, Knox and Vivien to appear as witnesses and testify. This will only be possible if both parties agree to these conditions.

Author: Sam Smith
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