Angelina Jolie persuaded children to testify against Brad Pitt

Fighting for sole custody of children, actress Angelina Jolie is preparing to finally crush ex-husband Brad Pitt. The star of the films about Lara Croft persuaded her own children to testify against their father in court.

For months, Pitt and Jolie have been trying to share custody of their own heirs. Earlier, the court decided to appoint joint custody of all children, which was very unhappy with Jolie. Recently, Angelina filed a complaint with a request to reconsider the decision of the authority.

Now it has become known that Jolie’s children will testify against their father, which should be the final blow.

“The children in question are old enough to understand exactly what is going on. The results of this trial will affect them emotionally. And forcing children to endure what may turn out to be painful and useless is simply cruel, ”quotes the text of the document from the words of the JustJared lawyer.

Now, many Pitt fans are hoping the appeal will go unchanged. Earlier in an interview, Pitt assured that he had let his family down, but now he has settled down and is ready to build adequate relations with the heirs.

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10 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie persuaded children to testify against Brad Pitt”

  1. Jolie needs to sit her skinny flat arse some where and stop using those kids to her own folly. Only a selfish person would attempt to keep kids from their father…Don’t know what Brad was thinking when he left beautiful Jennifer for that thing…

  2. I don’t understand how she can be do mean!! Unless she knows something that is causing her to act like this, that the rest of us don’t know!!

    • I don’t like to see mothers turn children against their fathers, even if they are not wonderful. I have been on Pitts’ side every since I realized how mean and vindictive she is. Praying for him, the children and her.

  3. Women who break others relationships are in the first place heartless. That’s what Jolie is. At the same time, men, try to refrain from temptations, and keep your pants up!

  4. Considering what Jolie is doing to Brad, I hope she loses custody of the children. She’s got to be some horrible person. Brad, I’m sure, is better off without her. His Children would be better off with him. Thank You

  5. BRAD PITT is a great PERSON, DAD. she wants to ruin His Life, reputation. To make the children testify against the FATHER SHE is EVIL. It’s NOT going to work. I will boycott her movies. GOOD LUCK BRAD. ‼️‼️❤❤❤

  6. The kids will turn against her when they grow older and see what she is doing to their father. She is very selfish and we can all say she’ll get what she throws out. KARMA WITCH..


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