Angelina Jolie kisses Mickey Rourke to get revenge on Brad Pitt

New Idea reports that Angelina Jolie has found an original way to make her ex-husband Brad Pitt unpleasant. Although they are still fighting in court for custody of children, the passions between them have subsided. The press even got rumours about the actor’s new hobby. Allegedly, he is dating a young beauty model Nicole Poturalski.

Jolie is not happy with this state of affairs, so she went for broke. As the journalists learned, the Maleficent star is allegedly thinking about a date with Pitt’s friend. At the same time, Angelina studied the entire environment of her former lover and decided that it would be most painful for him if she had an affair with her colleague Mickey Rourke.

Moreover, according to press reports, there really is a story between Jolie, Rourke and Pitt. Insiders claim that in 2009 Brad found his wife kissing Mickey backstage at the Academy Awards.

A source told the tabloid that Jolie now hopes that news of their relationship will spread quickly so that Pitt is immediately aware of it.

Nevertheless, fans of the actors strongly doubt the credibility of the gossip. In the end, Rourke has been dating Anastasia Makarenko for a long time and it does not seem that his young girlfriend would not suit him.

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