Angelina Jolie in the thriller “Those Who Wish Me Death”

Today, the first stills of the new film “Those Who Wish Me Dead”, directed by Oscar nominee Taylor Sheridan, appeared online. 45-year-old Angelina Jolie played the film’s main role, and her young partner on the set was 14-year-old aspiring actor Finn Little. The first photos were provided exclusively to People.

Based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Michael Corita, Angelina plays a brave lifeguard who fights forest fires in the new thriller. The heroine Jolie named Hannah is experiencing an emotional shock associated with the death of three people whom she could not save from the fire.

During this difficult period in her life, Hannah meets a 12-year-old boy in Montana’s wild forests. The teenager witnessed a monstrous murder and is now forced to hide from two twin killers. The heroine Jolie tries to protect the boy, but a raging forest fire complicates the situation.

those who wish me death

She feels guilty and completely broken. On the one hand, she is a fearless lifeguard and a bit of an adrenaline addict. On the other, she survived a tragedy and feels responsible for what happened, ” she described the character of her character Jolie in a conversation with People.

The actress also admitted that she was thrilled to get such an unusual role, for which she had to temper her nerves, in the literal sense of the word, sweat and get dirty, and do everything that she had not dared to do before. The star also said that it was enjoyable for her to work with Finn: according to Jolie, an aspiring actor who knows how to cry in the frame at the right time and copes with difficult tricks on the set. The teenager was also pleased with the collaboration with the Oscar-winning actress:

Angelina is great! She was a lot of fun while working, so it’s a pleasure to film with her. On the set and beyond, she acts as a mentor. She’s lovely! I was fortunate.

The premiere of the film “Those Who Wish Me Death” will take place on May 13th.

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