Angelina Jolie gets a new pet for her daughter Vivien

Angelina Jolie told reporters that she does not like to relax, and the chaos of children, dogs and balls everywhere is quite to her liking. She likes it when the house is noisy and fun, and everything is in motion. Jolie encourages her children to be fond of pets – she herself loves animals and is ready to endure any inconvenience for them.

Recently, the paparazzi caught Jolie with her daughter Vivien, leaving the pet store with a carrying bag. Jolie’s children have as many pets as they want, and it seems like there are never many dogs.

Jolie and her daughter left the store loaded with pet supplies and a carrier with a new baby. Angelina’s fans were happy for her daughter. However, it is not yet known how the new puppy was named.

But in the house of the Hollywood star already has four dogs, an English Bulldog, two pugs and a Rottweiler. The children of the actress live with parrots, lizards and even snakes.

angelina jolie gets a new pet for her daughter vivien

Last year, journalists caught Angelina Jolie with her youngest daughter buying a rabbit. Jolie came out of the store door with a bag of essential accessories and food, while Vivienne was carrying a carrier. When they carried the purchases to the car, they went back, and the second time Vivienne came out quite happy with a white-grey spotted bunny wrapped in a towel in her arms.

Angie admitted that she had many exotic pets since childhood, including a lizard named Vladimir and a snake named Harry Dean Stanton. One of the dogs, the English Bulldog, is named Jacques.

While the actress was still married to Pitt, they brought in goldfish and gerbils. Reporters often find the actress in the company of her dogs. Once, Angelina kept a rather obstinate dog on a leash while walking through pet stores with her son Knox.

It seems that such a large number of pets makes the star family regulars at retail outlets selling everything you need for animals. It seemed to the admirers of the actress that she copes with the dog with difficulty, and her son, even more so, could not keep such a large dog.

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