Angelina Jolie forbade Brad Pitt to see children after vacation with her lover

The actress insists that Pitt serve a 14-day quarantine.

After Brad Pitt’s trip to France with his new lover Nicole Poturalski, Angelina Jolie does not allow him to see the children until he has gone through 14 days of quarantine, Us Weekly reports.

Angelina insists that Brad sit in quarantine for 14 days after returning from France, citing an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. She doesn’t want to take risks, says the source of the publication. He also noted that Pitt wanted to do two coronavirus tests a few days apart to save time, but Jolie still insists on a 14-day quarantine. As a result, Brad, according to the informant, agreed to her terms.

The romance between Pitt and the young model Poturalski became known last month. They were seen at the airport on their way to France. According to rumors, the actor took his beloved to his estate with Angelina, where they got married in 2014. So far, Pitt and Jolie have not commented on the situation. But insiders say Angelina didn’t like it.

She is furious and simply stunned at how Brad could have dropped so low. She had hoped that after a terribly stressful summer, the passions between them would subside, but now this is out of the question. She is disgusted that he is so openly walking around Europe with this girl, instead of keeping his personal life a secret. Brad took her to their estate is completely inappropriate. This will of course complicate their relationship,

shared one of the sources.