Angelina Jolie fans condemned Jon Voight for supporting Trump

Angelina Jolie’s father managed to distinguish himself during the presidential elections in the United States. Dissatisfied with Joe Biden’s victory, Jon Voight expressed his political position on Twitter, which attracted a lot of attention. He accused the Democrats of fraud and called them Satan.

“Dear friends, Americans. I want to say how disgusting to me the dishonest election of Biden. As if we all don’t know the truth. When someone tries to trick us, we know they can’t get away with it. Those who are jumping for joy now are jumping to the terror that awaits them because I know that the promises made by the Left will never come true.

My friends! This is our greatest battle since the Civil War: the battle of righteousness against Satan. Yes, Satans. The left is evil, corrupt and wants to destroy this nation. Let’s put our trust in God and fight for Trump to win because we all know that this vote count is as much corruption as they [the Democrats] are, ” Voight said in the video.

After John’s video, many users admitted to experiencing “Spanish shame” and suggested that the 81-year-old actor was “out of his mind.” And fans of his daughter Angelina Jolie sympathized with her.

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