Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decide with whom the children will stay after the divorce

Any celebrity divorce is painful and difficult. But Jolie and Pitt were officially divorced in April 2019, and since then they have not been husband and wife. It would seem that the main problems are behind. However, the main issue – custody of children – remains unresolved.

The divorce epic of the once brightest couple in Hollywood – 45-year-old Angelina Jolie and 57-year-old Brad Pitt – has been compared to a roller coaster. Ups and downs, pits and bumps – and all this has been going on for almost five years. Twice as long as Jolie and Pitt were officially married.

From the very beginning, as soon as she filed for divorce in 2016, Angelina demanded sole custody of the children. Brad is fifty-fifty, that is, joint. Years passed, and he managed to get permission to at least see the children in the presence of psychologists or his ex-wife. Later, after satisfying Brad’s complaint about Angelina’s actions, which prevents even these limited dates, he was able to spend much more time with the children than at the beginning of this sad story.

And in May, a regular court session was held under the chairmanship of Judge John Uderkirk, who was officially hired by the spouses for such a process. (“Private judge” – such a concept exists in the complex system of American jurisprudence.) By the way, Angelina has repeatedly tried to remove him under the pretext that the judge had some kind of contacts with Pitt’s lawyers in the past. But the reason for her dissatisfaction is clearly the same: it seems to her that Uderkirk is opposed to her and seeks to protect, first of all, the interests of her ex-husband. What is happening at meetings closed to the public and the press can only be judged by the “leaks” that most often appear from the team of the actress.

This time, things seem to have finally gotten off the ground. It looks like the judge ruled in Pitt’s favor. That is, he gave him the right to equally share the custody of the children, not counting the older, 19-year-old Maddox, who, by law, must decide for himself with whom and how much he wants to communicate.

At least that’s what the “sources” say. But it soon became clear that the judicial decision was preliminary in nature. It is only about adding another portion of changes in favor of Pitt to the custody agreement. And these changes were made on the basis of the judge’s consultations with numerous experts on child safety and psychology, who have worked intensively over the past six months.

The professionals interviewed the children and then conveyed their findings to the judge. But then there was information that Angelina strongly disagreed with the decision and intends to continue the fight in the court of appeal. Where is he going to get the replacement of the “unfriendly and unjust decision” judge.

And the actress has already filed new lawsuits demanding the disqualification of the judge and allowing the children to testify against their own father. “Judge Uderkirk denied Ms. Jolie a fair trial, unlawfully excluded her testimony related to the health, safety, and well-being of children, which is critical in considering their fate.

The judge arbitrarily rejected her request to allow the three youngest children to act as witnesses, ready to make an invaluable contribution to the consideration of the issue of custody, expressing their wishes, requests, and needs. ” In the papers, it was pointed out over and over again that Brad Pitt is a person with a “history of domestic violence,” and this must be adequately responded to and taken into account when making a decision.

Of course, in response, Pitt immediately filed counterclaims. The lack of real “new” evidence of his guilt, lack of confidence in Jolie’s forensic evidence, and so on. They point to the need to think about children and how all this protracted litigation affects their emotional state. Well, stuff like that.

Naturally, there are two key moments in this story – Jolie’s demand to allow younger children (according to California law, they have the right to do so, but with the permission of both parents!) To testify against their own father and the fact that, most likely, she has no new evidence , and Pitt, as you know, after several months of investigation, were officially cleared of all domestic violence charges brought against him by Jolie in 2016.

So far, Pitt’s team of attorneys have managed to prevent such a test for children. Moreover, the eldest son Maddox has already testified in this closed trial.

The same 19-year-old “child” who is believed to have become the main bone of contention and the cause of the scandal in the star family. In fact, it was his testimony that formed the basis of the accusation in 2016 after the quarrel between Pitt and Maddox during the fateful flight of the family from France to the United States. However, in the same year, all charges of violence that were brought against Pitt were officially dropped from the actor by all participants in the investigation – from the police to the FBI.

And that is why the judge did not satisfy Jolie’s new claims, but was forced to postpone the delivery of his decision. And Pitt and his lawyers all this time argued that the leakage of such information – that Jolie allegedly has new evidence in stock and is ready to present it in court, including with the help of children as witnesses – is intended to incite public opinion against actor.

And most importantly, it contributes to the even greater isolation of children from it. Time passes, they grow, and their dad still has the right to communicate with them for much less time than joint custody allows.

So, as the most recent events have shown, Jolie is ready to resort to any means again and again in order not to allow any indulgences for her ex-spouse. Including using children to hurt and hurt him even more. And she continues to do this, allowing the relevant documents to “leak” about “new and irrefutable” evidence and evidence. What she supposedly has and is ready to shoot at the right time, like that very gun on the wall …

It is interesting to remember how Pitt and Jolie spoke publicly about the drawn-out drama. Brad once said in an interview: “I was completely knocked over on my back and chained by a system designed to protect children.

Fortunately, we were able to sort things out together. And we both try to do everything in our power and in the best interests of our children. Once a lawyer told me: “Nobody ever wins in court. The only question is who will get out of there with the least losses. Who gets hurt more? How true it is – now I myself am convinced of it.”

Angelina, in turn, has always emphasized that they are all going through the process of “healing” – both she, and Pitt, and the children. And she also said that they “try their best not to harm the children.” Cited her mother as an example. How she worried about Angelina as a child – they say, that’s also why the actress doesn’t want children to be included in this story.

It is known that we are talking about the difficult relationship between her mother and her husband, Jolie’s father, actor John Voight, who cheated on his wife, and then left with two children altogether. Angelina said that she prefers “to cry in the shower, in the bathroom, so that the children do not hear and see her in such a depressed state.” After all, it is important for them to know that everything is fine even when it is not at all so.

But do the real actions of the actress correspond to these good intentions? More likely no than yes … Probably, the emotional trauma received by Angelina as a result of breaking up with Brad does not allow her to leave the battlefield in a peaceful way. She wants – consciously or unconsciously – that Pitt suffered as much and as deeply as she did. Does this mean that he suffers less? Probably so in her eyes.

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