Android users admitted they are ready to upgrade to iPhone 12

How are Android users different from iOS users? Apart from the devices they use, they are very different ideologically. You won’t find a single iPhone owner who sadly dreamed of Xiaomi or Huawei and tried in every possible way to hide the Apple logo and change the software device of his smartphone. No, of course, this year many have begun to more actively customize the desktop of their iPhones. But the difference is that iOS users want to stay on iOS. But many Android users sincerely want to run away to competitors.

Even though the iPhone 12 isn’t out yet, a third of Android users would like to buy it for personal use. This was shown by a survey conducted by the SellCell online store among the owners of smartphones running Google’s mobile OS. It is clear that most of those who voted in favor of the new iPhone is unlikely to buy it. But it does give us a pretty clear idea of ​​what sentiment is strong among Android users today and how much the fan movement is actually there.

Should you buy an iPhone 12

33.1% of more than two thousand respondents, to be precise, spoke in favor of buying an iPhone 12. This is quite a lot, considering that among Android users it is customary to praise their operating system, opposing it to iOS. After all, this usually happens when fans of two opposite platforms unexpectedly collide. But then something went wrong, and people who, obviously, were sick and tired of all this openness, customization, free access to software, for some reason admitted that all other things being equal, they would choose stability in the face of the iPhone. And if it is also served in a compact case, then there will be a song at all.

iPhone 12

I’ve heard a lot about the iPhone 12, and I love that it comes in a 5.4-inch version. Coupled with the full-screen design, this really makes for a very compact body. I really miss a small device that I can just put in my pants pocket and that doesn’t stick out of it. However, I don’t want to sacrifice the display and usability. On Android, if the smartphone is compact, it probably sucks. It’s different on iOS. Therefore, I hope that I will buy the iPhone 12 right after the release, – wrote one of the Twitter users.

Why Android is better than iOS

Nevertheless, there were quite a lot of those who consciously chose to stay on Android – as much as 66.9%. Apparently, some of these people really see the real point in using the OS from Google. For them, in their words, it is still freedom. The freedom to download applications, the freedom to change the appearance of the operating system, the freedom to customize your device, and, ultimately, the freedom to choose a brand. Apple doesn’t offer anything like that. If iOS, then only the App Store, iPhone and that’s it. Therefore, they can be understood.

On my current smartphone, I can do everything the way I want. Take Google Play, for example. If I don’t like its assortment, I can refuse it and use something else, or I can generally download APK-files of applications from the Internet. If I don’t like the OS shell, I can replace it with another one. If the manufacturer has stopped updating my smartphone, I can myself replace its firmware with the one that is being updated. And on iOS? There you are tied hand and foot, and I don’t want that, another Twitter user explained his commitment to Android.

Android smatrphone

Despite the fact that there is a certain percentage of users who want to switch to the iPhone 12 and are likely to do so, most will leave everything as it is. But, in fairness, this was not a survey about the attractiveness of the new Apple smartphone, but the most that neither is a plebiscite about the trust of Android, which, although it did not fail, clearly showed that the position of the Google mobile platform is not as strong as it is commonly believed. After all, when a third of the supposedly devoted audience of fans say that they are ready to go to competitors, it means something. Is not it?

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