Ancient people mastered the production of fire 400 thousand years ago

Archaeologists from Leiden University and Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have compared the appearance of signs of fire in the sites of ancient people and found out when people began to use fire.

The authors of the new work analyzed the results of scientific research, which mentions the finds of fires left by hominins in Europe, Israel, Asia and North Africa and found that ancient people mastered the skill of making a fire 400 thousand years ago, that is, long before the ancestors of modern humans left Africa and began to settle in other continents.

This means that already in the second half of the Middle Pleistocene, primitive communication was developed among human ancestors, thanks to which ancient cultural skills were spread.

According to experts, by that time a system of knowledge transfer and primitive communication between people had already been formed, since it is impossible to explain in another way the rapid spread of the skill they acquired over a large area.

Until now, it was believed that cultural spread began only 70 thousand years ago, when modern people, Homo sapiens, began to settle. But data on the use of fire now shows that it happened much earlier.

Catherine McDonald, archaeologists and first author of the article
Similarly, after 100 thousand years, a special technology for processing stone tools, known as the Levallois industry, spread.

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