Ana de Armas explained why she went bald on the set

Actress Ana de Armas spoke about the difficulties during the filming of “Blonde”. She had to get used to the legendary Marilyn Monroe’s complex image and radically change her appearance.

The Knives Out star is known for her thick brown hair. And before entering the frame, she put on a wig and completely “bald”. Ana explained that the wigs were so light that the actress’s curled natural hair was visible under them. Therefore, she went to the site only in a hat, imitating a bald head.

“When I saw the wigs, I cried, I was horrified … I had to do a bald patch on my entire head every day … Makeup took about 3.5 hours,” de Armas admitted.

The actress added that the work on the film was very tiring. Every day was filled with events. The star took the role seriously, read a lot about the most famous blonde. And yet, Ana called the role of Marilyn Monroe a gift.

“Her life was complicated, and at that time, it was also eventful. We had to try hard to get the audience really impressed. I was lucky. I had months to prepare, ” the actress said.

Fans have already appreciated Ana’s getting into the image of Marilyn when footage of the actress in makeup appeared on the network. The movie is being released by the streaming service Netflix.

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