An unknown plane was intercepted over Arizona near the Trump rally

An American F-16 fighter jet intercepted an unknown aircraft in a restricted area over Arizona near Bullhead City, where President Donald Trump’s campaign rally was taking place, CNN reports.

According to the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) John Cornelio, a general aviation aircraft that did not communicate with air traffic control units entered the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) zone without permission. To clarify the circumstances, an F-16 NORAD fighter was raised.

The intruder aircraft initially did not respond to the interception procedures but established radio communications after the NORAD aircraft deployed signal flares. The intruder was withdrawn from the restricted area by NORAD aircraft without further incident.

The channel notes that CNN correspondents who were at the Trump rally did not see the smaller plane, but heard the sounds of the F-16. Meanwhile, the president took advantage of the flight over his rally of a fighter jet, which Trump claims is “only four days old”, to remind him of his contribution to increasing military spending.

“I love that sound, I love it,” Trump said of the hum of aircraft engines, adding that the plane flew into his rally to “show off.”

According to CNN, agents of the US Secret Service also reacted to the unexpected appearance of the plane: some quickly made their way to Trump but did not get on stage.

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