An outbreak of coronavirus could have occurred in August. This is evidenced by images from space

An outbreak of coronavirus could have occurred in August. This is evidenced by images from space. The research results of scientists from Harvard Medical School are published in their scientific article on the university website.

Dr. John Bronstein, who conducts research related to satellite imagery, notes that the increased activity of Wuhan hospitals began in August 2019. In particular, scientists noticed that in the parking lots of five medical centers in Wuhan at that time there were much more cars, and the load of roads leading to hospitals increased by 90% compared to August 2018.

In addition, researchers from Harvard found that the number of searches for keywords that matched the main symptoms of coronavirus in August last year increased many times. According to Bronstein, such phenomena – an increase in search queries and the load on hospital parking lots – are usually observed during the period when seasonal outbreaks of infectious diseases occur. This happens in the USA, South America and Australia. But, according to official figures, no diseases were recorded in China during that period of spread. From which the researchers draw a bold conclusion: something else happened that is characteristic of the mass spread of the virus.

However, Dr. Bronstein adds: the Chinese authorities simply could not attach importance to the fact that the spread of a dangerous disease began. Although the researcher continues, it is unlikely that all medical centers ignored such a massive phenomenon.

Author: John Kessler
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