An insider reveals Jamie Foxx’s reaction to the new affair of ex-lover Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes’ ex-boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, with whom she dated for six years, is glad that she has improved her personal life. Fox and Holmes broke up last summer, and this September, Katie has an affair with chef Emilio Vitolo.

Jamie is happy for her and wishes nothing but the best for her. He moves on, and he is not worried about the relationship between Katie and Emilio, – the insider said.

The relationship between Holmes and Vitolo has already acquired a scandalous connotation. The tumultuous romance of the 41-year-old actress and the 33-year-old chef of the Italian restaurant Emilio’s Ballato got into the lenses of the paparazzi – they were captured during tenderness in the restaurant.

It was later revealed that at the time of those photos, Emilio was in a relationship with a girl, 24-year-old Rachel, whom he allegedly planned to marry. According to insiders, only after the publication of the photos of the paparazzi, Emilio’s bride realized what was happening. Soon Emilio broke up with her, and, as the source emphasized, via SMS.

This is a story with a sad ending. He’s a traitor. They already had wedding plans, which are now over, – said a person from Rachel’s entourage.

Nevertheless, after scandalous photographs and heated discussions, Katie and Emilio continued to demonstrate their feelings in public and again got into the lenses.

Emilio is very charming, playful, it is easy to see that Katie is head over heels in love with him. She looks very enthusiastic, sends him messages all day, and he really likes it. He loves her attention, – said the insider.