An insider on the close relationship between Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper: “They are one team”

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were together from 2014 to 2019, and after breaking up, they remained on good terms and together are engaged in raising their three-year-old daughter Leia. The fact that peace reigns between former lovers are eloquently proved by the numerous photographs of the paparazzi, which show that the 35-year-old model and the 46-year-old actor behave like old friends at each meeting.

Recently, in an interview with ET, Irina and Bradley’s get along well was confirmed by an insider close to the stars. He clarified that their daughter Leia, who is the main priority in life for each of the stellar parents, helped maintain normal relations after parting.

They have a very cordial and friendly relationship. Their joint upbringing of their daughter according to the schedule does not cause problems and they respect each other very much. Baby Leia is the main priority for Bradley, and Irina is a very caring mother. They both want the best for their daughter, so it’s easy for them to remain one team in a relationship, – said the anonymous author.

Earlier, Irina only once gave a detailed comment about her relationship with Bradley Cooper. The model did not shed light on the true reasons for breaking up with her boyfriend, but admitted that she had no complaints about her ex and was grateful to him for the years spent together:

In all relationships, even the best ones, we bring our best and worst manifestations – this is human nature. Two great people don’t have to be a great couple. I think we were fortunate to experience what happened between us.

Recall that the other day Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were again seen together in New York. The actor deliberately postponed all his work affairs to spend time with his daughter. At the weekend, the baby spent the night with her father, and at the beginning of the week, she returned to her mother again. Previously, the model and the actor agreed that they would equally share parenting responsibilities and take their daughter to them by everyone’s work schedule.

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