An insider comments on the relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

Star couples who split up last year include 36-year-old actress Olivia Wilde and 45-year-old actor Jason Sudeikis: the lovers broke up after eight years of relationship. However, Olivia was not alone for long – at the beginning of this year, the star surprised fans with a new chosen one: now Wilde is dating 26-year-old musician Harry Styles.

An insider said that reports that the former One Direction vocalist allegedly caused Olivia and Jason to break up have nothing to do with the truth. According to him, the romance between the actress and the singer began after breaking up with her lover.

Jason and Olivia broke up almost a year ago. She broke off her engagement early last year. So her new relationship did not come as a surprise, – he said.

He added that rumours struck Wilde that her correspondence with Styles allegedly provoked her breakup with Sudeikis.

Other sources claim that, even though the couple broke up peacefully, the actor is anxious about breaking up with his beloved, since the family is a priority (the couple has two children in common: six-year-old Otis and four-year-old Daisy).

He adores Olivia and is completely devastated, they say.

According to rumours, their relationship is developing rapidly – they say that the actress has already moved in with her new boyfriend.

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