An F-22 fighter jet crashed in Florida

A US fifth-generation F-22 fighter jet crashed in Florida while performing a training flight, according to the command of the Eglin air force base.

“An F-22 aircraft assigned to the 43rd fighter squadron and part of the 325th fighter wing, currently based in Eglin, crashed this morning at approximately 9.15 a.m. the crash Site was 12 miles (about 20 kilometers) northeast of the main Eglin base at the training ground,” the report said.

It is noted that the pilot of the plane safely ejected and was taken to the hospital. He is currently in a stable condition. As a result of the accident, no one was killed; there is no destruction on the ground.
A special Commission is investigating the causes of the accident.

Production of F-22 aircraft in the United States has already been discontinued, replaced by other fifth-generation F-35 aircraft.