An extremely large tiltrotor equipped with four propellers was patented in the USA

The American company Bell Helicopter has patented a tiltrotor with four propellers. One of the advantages of this concept is its high payload capacity.

According to FlightGlobal, Bell Corporation received a patent for an unusual aircraft: a tiltrotor with four propellers located on the wings installed one after another.

Externally, the device looks like two V-22 tiltrotors combined into one design. This approach, in the opinion of the developers, allows solving several problems at once. In particular, it makes it possible to transport more cargo (in comparison with the tiltrotor of the “usual” scheme).

The unusual arrangement of the braced fenders is intended to increase lift.
A tiltrotor is an aircraft with rotary engines: during takeoff and landing, they work like lifting, and during horizontal flight, as pulling or pushing. Such a device combines the “unpretentiousness” of a helicopter and the speed of an aircraft. Among the disadvantages of the concept are technical complexity and high price.

Recall that the United States is now actively testing the promising V-280 Valor tiltrotor: last year, it performed its first fully autonomous flights.

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