An expressive robot has helped people interact with each other

An expressive robot has helped people interact with each other. The authors of the experiment came to this conclusion, during which scientists tried to determine the effect of an emotional or non-emotional robot on the level of interaction in groups of people. The work was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The most important stage after the development of robots is checking for the interaction of devices with people. The purpose of such research is to test how people react to one or another behavior and reaction of robots. For example, scientists have already managed to find out that interaction is better if the robot explains its actions and speaks out an algorithm in accordance with which it makes one or another decision.

In a new work, the researchers found out what errors can affect the quality of interaction in a group consisting of people and a robot. Two groups participated in the testing, into which 153 volunteers were divided.

The participants of the first group, which consisted of three people and the anthropomorphic robot NAO, which during a joint game on the tablet showed their emotions and explained decisions. In the second group, the robot acted without emotion or explanation.

The experiment showed that in groups where the robot expressed emotions, human participants spoke about twice as often. In other words, the emotions of the robot allow it to better establish interaction between people, the author of the work notes.

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