An exoskeleton for firefighters was created, saving up to 50% of forces

Scientists at the state aerospace corporation (CASIC) have developed an exoskeleton that helps firefighters work.

According to the developers, the exoskeleton allows firefighters to lift and carry loads weighing up to 50 kg. It can also save firefighters more than 50% of the energy spent on a range of different tasks, including walking, climbing or carrying heavy loads.

The new development weighs 5 kg, it can be completely put on and taken off in a few tens of seconds. The exoskeletons were created as part of a national firefighting modernization plan.

This exoskeleton system will be used to increase the carrying capacity of firefighters to 50 kg, making it easier for them to move in difficult conditions such as mountainous areas and forests.

Developer Message

It is noted that earlier the drives installed in the device were used in the “robotic limbs” of the Chang’e-5 lunar vehicle. It was with them that he took samples of the lunar soil and installed the Chinese flag on the satellite of our planet in 2020.

It is planned that the exoskeleton should significantly increase the productivity of Chinese firefighters.

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