An archaeologist has discovered a 6,000-year-old island settlement off the Croatian coast

The settlement on the island was atypical; the finds of the Neolithic era were mainly made in caves.

Archaeologist Mate Parika was studying satellite images of the Croatian coast when he noticed something unusual. “I thought: maybe it’s a natural island, maybe it’s not,” said Parica, a professor at the University of Zadar.

The image showed a large shallow area on the seabed, protruding from the eastern shore of the island of Korcula.

Parika and his colleague decided to conduct a dive at this place and discovered what they believe is a Neolithic settlement of about 4500 BC, built on a small plot of land that was connected to the main island by a narrow strip.

They found the remains of stone walls surrounding the settlement, as well as tools and other items used by residents. “We found ceramic objects and flint knives,” he said.

Marta Kallebota, who is in charge of the archaeological collection at the Korcula City Museum, said that the location of the settlement was very unusual.

“At the moment, we are not aware of a similar find anywhere else, that a Neolithic settlement was built on an island connected to a narrow strip of land,” she said.

Parika also said that the discovery of a settlement on the island was atypical and that the finds of the Neolithic era were mainly made in caves.

“Fortunately, this area, unlike most parts of the Mediterranean Sea, is protected from large waves, as many islands protect the coast. This, of course, helped to preserve this place from natural destruction,” said the attentive archaeologist.

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