An American woman named the unique dishes of Russian cuisine

New York resident Kathy Machado, the author of the blog on the Travel portal, listed the most unique, in her opinion, dishes of Russian cuisine.

Russia is home to unique and classic cuisine, she writes. “Like many Eastern European countries, Russia is full of ancient flavor, and traditional dishes that come from recipes passed down from generation to generation,” Machado notes. Although many Russian cuisine dishes are well known, some are better to try directly in the country.

The list included cabbage soup, borscht, okroshka, pancakes, porridge, dumplings and dumplings, Kyiv cutlets, and herring under a fur coat.

As Machado writes, shchi is one of the main dishes of Russian cuisine, and several variants of this soup are known: sour soup, sorrel, or just with fresh cabbage.

Borscht is considered one of the most popular soups in the country; she notes. “Everyone knows this soup because of its deep purple-pink hue, as it is made from beetroot and tomatoes,” says the author.

Okroshka is a popular dish among Russians, especially in the summer, Machado continues. According to her, this is a hearty cold soup, rich in protein. And pancakes, unlike in many countries, in Russia are eaten together with many other products, while using cottage cheese, minced meat, mushrooms, and “even cabbage” as a filling.

Porridge is one of Russia’s most versatile dishes, which is great for Breakfast; the article says just as popular in the country are dumplings and dumplings, which are easy to prepare and usually stored frozen.

Kyiv cutlets, according to the author, are well known for their taste, but not everyone knows that the dish comes from Russia. The last of these is a salad with a “rather unusual name” herring under a fur coat. This dish is unlikely to be found anywhere outside of Russia, she writes, but those who have tried it know that the name should not be confusing.

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