An American woman beat a policeman with his own baton because of a mask

According to the American online publication The Gateway Pundit, a resident of St. Louis at a gas station attacked a local sheriff’s deputy for asking to wear a mask.

The incident occurred in the 700 block of North Tucker Boulevard.

The city police released footage of the incident from CCTV cameras. On them, a woman walks with a medical mask in her hand, and a 59-year-old sheriff’s deputy, who was guarding the gas station, notices her. A short dialogue ensues. The alleged assault on the sheriff’s deputy can’t be seen on the video.

However, according to law enforcement officers’ press release, after the police officer threatened not to let the American woman to the gas station for violating anti-smoking measures, she began to push and then pulled out a police baton and struck several blows to the law enforcement officer.

After that, the suspect got into a red car and fled the scene. According to St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts, his subordinate was hospitalized with a concussion.

“The first reaction is to express concern about my deputy, who has suffered head injuries. I’m sure she’ll get better. My assistant coped perfectly with the injury and pressure from the attacker,” the police officer said.

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