An American woman admitted to trying to transfer top secret materials to Russia

Elizabeth Shirley pleaded guilty to storing us national security Agency data.

US citizen Elizabeth Shirley pleaded guilty to attempting to transmit top-secret information to the Russian government. Shirley asked guilty to illegally storing data from the US national security Agency and kidnapping her child. The US Department of Justice reported.

Shirley is 46 years old. She first gained access to classified data in 1994 while serving in the air force. During her military career, the American, in particular, worked in the intelligence of the Navy, the Pentagon, engaged in cyber investigations. She repeatedly obtained access to top-secret information, the Ministry of Justice said in a statement.

Shirley was detained in August 2019. According to investigators, in July last year, Shirley and her six-year-old daughter went to Mexico. At the same time, the American woman lived separately from the child. The girl’s guardian is the father. From Mexico, Shirley planned to contact the Russian authorities and ask for asylum in a country that would not extradite her to the United States. The American woman had a document with confidential data about the national security of the United States.

The Justice Department says that in Mexico, Shirley wrote a letter to the Russian government. The text stated the need to urgently send items related to her work from the United States “before they are taken away and destroyed.”

Shirley faces up to 10 years in prison for illegally storing classified information and up to three years for illegally transporting a child outside the United States.
The Russian side has not yet commented on the information.