An American who planned an attack on the White House received 15 years in prison

A court in the United States has sentenced a resident of the US state of Georgia on charges of attempting to attack the White House with weapons and explosives to 15 years in prison, according to a press release on the website of the US Department of justice.

“Hasher Jallal Taheb, a 23 – year-old resident of Сumming, Georgia, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to attack the White House,” the press release said.

“Taheb planned a terrorist attack on the White House as part of what he claimed was his commitment to participate in Jihad,” the release quoted assistant attorney General for national security John Demers as saying,

According to the US Justice Department, the investigation into Taheb continued for more than a year after receiving information from a resident. In March 2018, he reported to law enforcement that Taheb was radicalized and planned to travel abroad.

FBI agents arrested Taheb in January 2019.

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