An American proposed to his girlfriend in the sky

Raheem Hajir, 38, a professional skydiver from Idaho, USA, decided to make an original proposal to his sweetheart, 27-year-old Kathleen Rawl.

The couple met three years ago, and for two years, the lovers have been living together and raising a common daughter Bella. However, they had not discussed marriage and engagement before, and therefore such a turn for Kathleen was a big surprise.

The girl fully shares Rahim’s hobby, and often they parachute together. As Kathleen said, this time everything happened very spontaneously and they went to the airfield at the last minute, because the weather was fine. But, as it turned out, Rakhim had prepared for this jump in advance. He bought a beautiful ring, which he hid in his mouth, gritting it tightly with his teeth not to drop it during the jump.

The lovers filmed their flight, and immediately after opening the parachute, Rahim asked Kathleen the same question. He handed her the ring, and she said yes.

Having landed, the lovers admitted that both were very worried and were afraid to drop the ring, but nothing happened. According to Rakhim, he had a backup option in losing the ring, but he did not specify which one, the Daily Mail reports.

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