An American has hit a billion-dollar jackpot in the lottery

A resident of the United States has won a jackpot of one billion dollars. As reported by NBC, the lottery ticket was sold in the state of Michigan.

It is noted that this is the only ticket that matches all the numbers from the balls that fell on January 22. The lucky ticket holder, who will receive $ 739.6 million, has not yet been announced.

The jackpot size had increased from draw to draw since September 15 last year, when the previous win in Wisconsin was recorded. Representatives of the lottery added that this was the longest period of time in which there were no winnings.

So far, the record win in the history of lotteries is the amount of one and a half-billion dollars. In 2018, they went to a woman from South Carolina who wished not to disclose herself.

Author: Steve Cowan
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